Walmart Advertising

More Walmart shoppers are turning online. Win them across ads, organic listings, and offline conversions. Onsite on our digital properties or offsite across the web and social channels, Walmart display ads deliver results you can measure.

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Stand out from the crowd

Get in front of Walmart customers when they’re actively searching for products like yours. Search ads appear in prominent, high-traffic spots in search results & on browse pages.

Explore videos, interviews & case studies to see how Walmart Connect is developing seamless omni-shopping experiences & innovating for the future.

Put your product at the head of the pack with high-visibility Search ads across Walmart’s digital properties. Boost your conversion rates for online purchases & be top-of-mind when customers head to their local Walmart store after doing online research.

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Measure sales with precision tools

Only Walmart Connect can track the results of your campaign across Walmart’s digital properties & 4,700+ Walmart stores.1 Our reporting tools use proprietary Walmart customer data to help you optimize Search campaigns of any size.

Show up not just among other search results, but head & shoulders above the rest. Your logo, a custom headline & up to three of your products appear at the top of the page, improving brand recognition & showcasing your product portfolio.

Take advantage of an array of options to increase conversion—including special placement in search results, pre-checkout reminders or even a featured spot on a related product’s page.

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Walmart customers are searching—we can help them find you

Point them in the right direction

Get motivated customers to your product pages quickly with search ads in prominent, high-traffic spots in search results & on category & browse pages. You pay only when customers click.

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Make a well-timed appearance

Ensure your brand & products are always top-of-mind. Meet Walmart customers on our digital properties, then retarget them across the web & on social media. See your results maximized when you employ Search & Display together.

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Create something special

Walmart’s personalized, outside-the-box programs elevate our customers’ relationship with your brand through meaningful, innovative content. Create an experience that drives decisions at the moment of inspiration or need, collapsing the purchase funnel & increasing loyalty.

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Feed Your Funnel


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Own Your Aisle

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Drive Purchase

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