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CitrusAd streamlines media sales and ad-serving for more than half of the top 20 retailers in the world. Our platform makes it easy for brands and retailers to work together to increase sales where it matters most - online at the point of purchase.

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The power to own premium digital shelf space, increasing your sales and brand awareness.

Winning retail media positions positively impacts your online sales. The good news is that CitrusAd also shows a positive impact with in-store results.

Average ROAS across all retailers sits between 200% to 400%. And this is just from the positions you’re winning.  Add the broader influence to total market share growth and in-store sales and CitrusAd paints a positive picture for your brands.

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Self-serve simplicity

You can plan long-term campaigns - or react quickly to create new campaigns in minutes. Real-time reporting keeps your finger on the pulse.

In a busy retail environment, your digital advertising campaigns are clear and simple with CitrusAd. It’s quick and easy to set-up. And easy to tweak and adjust. Target your search terms. Select your SKUs. Set your maximum CPC. Start your campaigns and see results. Instantly.

Your campaigns can go live in minutes. Plan long-term or react instantly. Booking campaigns week in advance is history with CitrusAd’s flexibility.

Crystal clear reporting ensures you can see the value of your campaign spend. Real time reporting for clicks, impressions, CPC, CPA, CTR, units sold, sales value, ROAS.  Everything you need is clear to see on our intuitive dashboard.

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Ambitious retail media for ambitious retailers

Ad-serving Performance

Fast, seamless product placement without lag or delays, to create a seamless user experience.

Deliver the right ads and products to the right people, so they see what they want to buy.

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Scalability With Flexibility

CitrusAd has the right back end architecture to scale and grow. It’s built with retail in mind, so it’s easily updated to provide continuing support for your business, avoiding downtime.

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Security & Compliance

Supporting businesses across Asia/Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, CitrusAd is GDPR and ISO compliant. You take security and compliance seriously. So do we.

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