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Marketplace advertising and intelligence. The enterprise platform to manage ad campaigns at scale on Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and more.

From powerful data to smart actions.

The Pacvue team blends a deep history of advertising and eCommerce expertise.

Feature Highlights

  • Campaign Management
  • Optimize to increase sales while lowering costs.
  • Precise Automation
  • Save time without sacrificing performance.
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Stay ahead of shifts and grow your share of voice.
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Retail and advertising data, wherever you need it.

Dashboards & Tools

  • Price Tracker Tool
  • Category Tagging for DSP
  • DSP Performance Report
  • Purchased Product Report
  • Product Eligibility Report
  • Query Asin Graph
  • Bulk Operations
  • Tagging
  • PAT Research

AI Optimization

Rule-Based Optimization

Campaign Tune Up

Brand Audit

Automated Budget Setting

Portfolio Creation

Campaign Specific Tags

Budget Manager

Category Intelligence Tool

SOV Driven Automation

Bid Landscape

Campaign Bid Rules

Keyword Research

Campaign Day Parting

Campaign Event Calendar

New Portfolios Bulk Upload

New to Brand Metrics

Roll Over Budget

Inventory Driven Automation

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